24" Electric Built-in Single Wall Oven 220V Buttons Control

24" Electric Built-in Single Wall Oven 220V Buttons Control

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This multifunction oven combines the advantages of traditional convection oven in a single appliance which allows you to choose easily and safely between different cooking modes. 


You can use it to prepare veal or beef-based dishes as well ( braised meats stew goulash wild game ham etc. ) which need to be cooked slowly. Or it can be used for proving defrosting preparing yoghurt heating dishes at the required speed and slow cooking at low temperature. Under these 9 different modes you can get various results you want. And you can start the turnspit using this oven. It is perfect for some small kitchens due to its built-in design. 


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  • Brand new and high quality
  • Made of high-quality material durable 
  • 2850w max power rating 2.3cu. Ft powerful
  • Multifunctional oven with 3 push buttons 9 cooking modes suitable for cooking different kinds of food such as preparing veal beef-based dishes and stew preparing yoghurt heating dishes etc. 
  • Can be used to start the turnspit also
  • Equipped with end cooking time knob and temperature selection knob to control time and temperature
  • Equipped with a cooling fan to cool down the exterior of the appliance
  • Built-in design for saving a lot of space
  • Simple but elegant appearance fitting in well with any kitchen decoration
  • Easy to assemble and easy to clean