Large Condo Scratching Posts Cat Tree with Ladder Hammock

Large Condo Scratching Posts Cat Tree with Ladder Hammock

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This cat playground is a multilevel cat tree tower with a cat house condo for privacy which is an ideal place for your cats.


Natural sisal posts and rope are the perfect scratching aids for your cat's claws. Featuring multiple climbing platforms also include fun and interactive toys to keep your pet entertained and active. Dangling balls or rope ties are great for grabbing and catching. Activity tree provides many fun places to duck hide and play providing hours of fun!


The cat tree provides your cat with a perfect place to enjoy themselves and it also protects your furniture from the risk of scratching. Buy it now!


  • Adopt the high density and durability p2-grade particle boards
  • Designed specifically for cats
  • Coated with plush faux fur and hemp rope
  • It's comfortable skin-friendly and wear-resisting
  • A large space at 75" x 20" x 102.5" with multi-level playground
  • A spacious and easeful bedroom
  • A large and comfortable hammock
  • Four round pipes for playing
  • A hanging rope with ball or toy
  • There are two staircases
  • Provide your cat with a exclusive place to scratch exercise and have fun  
  • Satisfies cat's need for scratching and also protects your furniture