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Plain Jane Simple Sandals

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How is this one for simplicity.. Plain Jane sandals are here for you .. When everything around us is screaming for attention, let these sandals quietly show everyone that simplicity can be classy! Check these Plain Jane and No Nonsense Sandals  that are so effortlessly good to look at that you want to have them in all colors and wear them everywhere you go. Best part is, they are comfy too and because of their one solid color and simple pattern, you can wear them with your plain summery whites and with very colorful attire as well, they go with everything so beautifully!   Details:   One solid over all color with simple pattern. A ring on anklet straps make it look charming. Leather soles with PU Leather and leather combination uppers. Adjustable Buckle closure for easy fit.  Half inch heel. It comes in shoe sizes:  6, 7,8, 9,10,11. Imported. It comes in PLAIN BLACK, PLAIN YELLOW, PLAIN RED AND PLAIN BROWN.